Phyllis G. Frankl


Mailing Address:
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
Six Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA

Office Address:
10.006, Two Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA
phone: 718 260-3870
e-mail: pfrankl at nyu dot edu



I'm a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering , in Brooklyn, NY. My main research interests are in the area of software testing, including development of software testing tools, and comparing the effectiveness of software testing techniques. My current work in that area focuses on developing techniques for testing database application programs, application security and privacy.


B.A. in Mathematics and Physics, Brandeis University
M.A. in Mathematics, Columbia University
M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Analyzing and Testing Database Applications:

  • Chixiang Zhou, Phyllis G. Frankl: "Empirical Studies on Test Effectiveness for Database Applications". ICST 2012: 61-70
  • Chon Ju Kim, Phyllis Frankl: "AQUA: Android QUery Analyzer". WCRE 2012: 395-404
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  • David Chays, John Shahid, Phyllis G. Frankl: "Query-based test generation for database applications". DBTest 2008: 6
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  • Yuetang Deng, Phyllis G. Frankl, Zhongqiang Chen: "Testing Database Transaction Concurrency". ASE 2003: 184-195
  • David Chays, Saikat Dan, Phyllis G. Frankl, Filippos I. Vokolos, Elaine J. Weyuker: "A framework for testing database applications". ISSTA 2000: 147-157

Effectiveness of testing techniques:

Data Flow Testing:

  • "The Path-wise Approach to Data Flow Testing with Pointer Variables," International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, Jan. 1996, (with Delia I.S. Marx).
  • "An applicable family of data flow testing criteria," IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, v. SE-14,10, Oct. 1988, pp.1483-1498, (with E.J. Weyuker).
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Testing Object-oriented Programs:

Regression Testing:

Infostation (Wireless data dissemination system):

  • John Buford, Emré Celebi, Phyllis G. Frankl: "Property-Based Peer Trust in the Sleeper Service Discovery Protocol". COMPSAC (2) 2006: 209-214


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  • "A change in twist of actin provides the force for the extension of the acrosomal process in limulus sperm: the false-discharge reaction", Journal of Cell Biology Vol. 93, May 1982, 324 - 337, (with De Rosier, Tilney, and Bonder)